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Where it all started...

It was really all quite simple. Drs. Daryl and Jaryn Crosby had been doing the work of ENCORE Music and Entertainment from the beginning. Jaryn had been classically trained on the piano since she was 5 years old. Daryl grew up in a house that had music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s ringing all throughout. He was hooked to music as a young boy. Jaryn started playing in the orchestra in the 5th grade. Daryl’s love for playing keyboards, singing, rapping, and producing grew as gospel, hip hop, and rnb continued to influence him. They both loved music so much they decided to major in music in college and that’s where they met.

As they both have well over 20 years of music education experience in the public school and collegiate sector, the idea of establishing ENCORE Music and Entertainment was a smooth transition. Jaryn has been very successful in cultivating musicians of all ages teaching private piano, violin, and viola lessons. Meanwhile Daryl, AKA DJ Croz, was introduced to Mixxstar DJs over a decade ago and his career as a DJ has taken off.

Daryl and Jaryn have successfully provided quality music services and have DJ'd the events of hundreds of families throughout the years and look forward to many more.

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