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Why So Long?

Updated: May 30, 2020

Why in the world did we wait this long to make it official?

My wife Dr. Jaryn Crosby is a full time professor, but she has been teaching private piano, violin, and viola lessons for as long as I’ve known her… (we met in 1998). She has taught students of all ages and backgrounds.

Me, well I’ve been “DJ Croz” (used to be DJ DinkCroz but I’m glad I decided not to go that route!), officially since 2009. Shout out to my big brother/mentor John Quinerly for seeing potential in me, taking a chance, and giving me an opportunity to let my talents shine. Then in 2012, I connected with another big brother/mentor DJ Bobby D of MixxStar DJs, and he is responsible for helping me cultivate my abilities.

So for YEARS we have provided quality musical services for many events and clients. We have performed in front of thousands of people in many different venues. We simply loved doing it. We never considered turning it into an official company. We have always loved seeing people enjoy what we do, having a good time with friends, family, and even strangers that become friends by the end of the event. We have always loved seeing and helping people accomplish something they set out to, such as learning how to play a musical instrument regardless of their age. It’s just what we do, and who we are.

So with all of that said, let’s briefly discuss 3 reasons why ENCORE Music and Entertainment is your best choice for upcoming events. There are more but we’ll get into those at a different date.

1. What we do is beyond a hobby.

As mentioned before, this is what we do! Some people who DJ, just DJ. There are some great DJs out there, and this is not a knock on what other DJs do. However, DJing is just one element of DJ Croz. Some people who teach music lessons just teach. They simply go through the motions of teaching. There are some great teachers out there. However, Dr. Jaryn Crosby gives her students a quality EXPERIENCE throughout her lessons. In the future, you will hear us reference the ENCORE Experience often, because we believe in providing just that for our clients.

2. Customer Service

Yes this is a vague category, and there is no one umbrella of customer service that can cover all. However, ENCORE’s belief system revolves around making sure our clients receive service they can not and will not get anywhere else… BEFORE and AFTER the event.

3. Skill

So add the love for what we do in the pot, stir in the importance of putting our clients first, and infuse a solid skill set, that creates a wonderful recipe of success. Again, there are years of preparation, education, and training of skills and professionalism that comes when ENCORE is at the helm of your event. No one wants a DJ who does not know how to work their equipment. No one wants a DJ at their special event who is ‘just trying this out’ and making technical mistakes. I have already passed that stage in my career as a young DJ. Not saying I do not ever make mistakes, hey I am human. However, the time that I have put into the craft has allowed me to limit mistakes, so that I can focus on other areas of entertainment to enhance the event.

It is the same concept with Dr. Jaryn. She has been playing since she was 5 years old! Simply put, she knows her instruments and is highly skilled at all of them. When teaching her students, they rely on her skill in order to enhance their own skills.

ENCORE Music and Entertainment as of June 2020 consists of myself (Dr. Daryl Crosby AKA DJ Croz), and my wife Dr. Jaryn Crosby, and we are super excited about what the future holds and the service we will provide our clients. Choose us for your next event!

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